Great Snowy Owl Facts


Great Snowy Owl Facts

Welcome To My Great Snowy Owl Facts Page. On this page you will find information On Snowy Owls and the Snowy Owl Nest. There will also be some Great Snowy Owl Pictures

  • Snowy Owls - Bubo Scandiacus
  • Wingspan - 130-150cm
  • Total Length - 60-70cm

Snowy Owl Facts; Description

The Snowy Owls are very easily recognisable large heavily built birds, they are in the strigidae family. Snowy Owls have fierce Yellow eyes, black bills and powerful talons which are heavily feathered for protection against the cold.

Males are considerably smaller than the females (as with most birds of prey.) The male is also almost completely pure white whereas the female has a lot more black plumage interspersed with white. The Snowy Owl pictures on this page will show both males and females of this species.

Snowy Owl Facts; Range

Snowy Owls occur throughout the Arctic Circle, in Canada, Northernmost Eurasia and have been found in China and Russia. Some have even been found in the Caribbean. They also breed on some of the northern British Isles and in Northern Scotland.

Snowy Owl Facts; Snowy Owl Nest

Snowy Owls are very interesting birds when it comes to the snowy owl nest.

They in fact mostly ground nesting birds. They will make a scrape on the top of a rock or in some think cover for protection. This is where their good camouflage (unless they are in the Caribbean) comes in handy.

If they do not nest on the ground, Snowy Owls will sometimes use uninhabited Golden Eagle eyries where their ranges over lap.

Snowy Owl Facts Breeding and Baby Owls

Snowy Owls breed in May. They lay between 5 and 14 eggs and both parents care for the young. The male will first defend the snowy owl nest and if needed the female will join him. They have many enemies and so need to defend the nest quite often against other predators such as golden eagles, wolves and arctic foxes.

When the baby owl is born it is completely helpless. They are white at first and soon turn darker. The males then turn white again in adult plumage. The baby owl sometimes takes two days to hatch out of the egg...during this time the father must protect the nest from all predators...a very tiring job indeed.

Snowy Owl – Eyes and Weaponry

Snowy Owls are extremely powerful; they feed mainly on lemmings and other small mammals. They will also prey on other raptors and other owls. They have large strong feet and very sharp talons. They may look soft and cuddly but snowy owls have quite an attitude!

A snowy owl has incredibly good sight. They can reputedly see a mouse from the length of two football fields away! Their eyeballs are not actually eyeballs but eye tubes..almost like having two telescopes in your head! this means there is not much space for a brain which is only the size of of a small walnut!

It also means that they cannot turn their eyes independently of their head. They must move their head every time they want to look in a different direction. One of the great snowy owl facts is that snowy owls can turn their heads 270 degrees!..not 360 degrees as is popular belief.

Snowy Owls have terrible balance, bad even for an owl and so they do not like perching on branches. They instead like to sit on the ground or perch on flat surfaces. This is why captive owls must always be perched on a block perch and not a bow perch like hawks.

Here is another one of the great snowy owl pictures...

Use In Falconry

Snowy Owls are not used much in Falconry although many are flown by falconers for enjoyment. They do not have much success catching things (as with all owls) but they are beautiful to fly.

  • Snowy Owls also have a reputation for having slightly nasty temperaments. They have a tendency to throw tantrums and are stubborn to train like the Eurasion Eagle Owl.
  • Training owls is always a tricky process as they have to be imprinted. This is due to their natural fear of humans, (more apparent than with hawks)
  • Also, Owls have no crop which means the weight control process is also very difficult. Snowy owls and other large owls have HUGE appetites and will become adept at fooling you into thinking that they are starving when actually they are almost full!
  • All Owls for me are extremely beautiful. If you have the dedication to look after an owl and hand rear it well, then good on you mate! They’re wonderful birds! ;)

I hope you also enjoyed the snowy owl pictures, please feel free to browse the rest of the site and/or comment and submit your own story below. :) Thanks for reading my Great Snowy Owl Facts Page I hope you got some good information on snowy owls and the Snowy owl nest.