The Magnificent Golden Eagle Bird


The Magnificent Golden Eagle Bird

Welcome to my Golden Eagle Bird page. Here you will find many Golden Eagle Facts and some Fantastic Golden Eagle Photo shots! The Golden Eagle Photo Shots are provided by Jannes from the Falconry Forum and are of his wonderful goldie, Kiran. Thankyou so much for these Jannes!

Golden Eagle – Description

The Golden Eagle is one of the most well known birds of prey in the world. It is the true symbol of predatory power, wild savagery and nobility. It is also as well as the peregrine falcon which I have talked about on my Peregrine Falcon Facts page one of the most widespread globally speaking of all the raptors. It also has a remarkable relationship with humans, as I will explain later on in the Use in Falconry section.

The Golden Eagle has a huge range. They are not common but certainly very relevant throughout Eurasia, North America and parts of Africa. One of the interesting golden eagle facts is that the highest concentration of wild golden eagles is in California.

Golden Eagle Facts...

  • Golden Eagle - Aquila Chrysaetos
  • Wingspan 180-230cm
  • Total Length 60-90cm

The Golden Eagle is a very large Eagle. It is thick set with a broad chest belaying its power of flight. As with all Eagles the Golden Eagle has broad soaring wings. When soaring it looks almost completely effortless and can travel huge distances. Golden Eagles are monogamous and will stay with a mate sometimes for life. A pair of golden eagles will control a massive territory, the area of which can exceed 60 square miles!

Here is another great Golden Eagle Photo..

Golden Eagle Facts – Hunting and weaponry

The Golden Eagle is extremely powerful, one of the most powerful of all the raptors in fact (maybe not including the Great Philippine Eagle, African Hawk Eagle, crowned eagle and Harpy Eagle)

In the Wild the golden eagle bird will take a large amount of different prey. The type of prey taken varies greatly depending on geographical regions and subspecies of Eagle. The Golden Eagle, however is mostly the top predator in all of its range and has a large choice of delicacies on the menu. These include;

Eagle facts – prey species

  • Rabbits
  • Marmots
  • Ground Squirrels
  • Hare
  • Foxes
  • Deer
  • Mountain Goats
  • Ibex
  • Reptiles
  • Birds up to the size of herons and swans
  • Ravens and Carrion Crows
  • Gulls
  • Young wolves and dogs

The Golden Eagle Bird has been recorded taking all these prey species. As you can see from this impressive list, this magnificent raptor is a true top predator. If prey is scarce, the Eagle will have no qualms about robbing prey from other predators and scavenging. Golden Eagles have been known to harass even mountain lions (pumas) in the quest for food. They certainly often come into direct competition with wolves.

Golden Eagles hunt using their incredible eyesight, speed and overbearing strength. Their talons are very sharp and their grip is extremely powerful. As with most raptors, their main weapons are their talons and feet although their beaks are also formidable unlike the owl species The Golden Eagle bird is very fast in flight and much less cumbersome than some of the other similar sized eagles. The Indian tawny eagle is a similar size and a much less accomplished predator.

Golden Eagle Facts – Breeding

The Golden Eagle bird mates for life and controls huge territories (as I have already mentioned) within these huge territories, a pair of Golden Eagles will build a series of huge nest structures called eyries. There can be up to 5 or 6 of these throughout their territory and the breeding pair will alternate each year as to which one they will use depending on where the competition and prey is.

Although golden eagles fly miles for food, when they are breeding it is necessary for both parents to be within range of the nest in case of emergency.

The female will lay 3-5 eggs depending on how much prey the adults are finding that season. The mortality rate for juvenile eagles is 75% for the first year so many of the eyass eagles will die.

Here is another great Golden Eagle Photo

Golden Eagle Facts – Use In Falconry

The Golden Eagle bird has always been used in Falconry, almost for as long as some of the hawk bird species It is hugely respected all around the world as a powerful fast and noble hunter. In Mongolia, training and flying Golden Eagles has become almost a way of life. The Eagles are used both for hunting and protection. They are flown at wolves to protect the livestock and everything else for food.

In the art of Falconry, Golden Eagles are flown at hares and roe deer. Rabbits are not really fair game and the Golden eagle bird is not quite agile enough to catch birds on a regular basis. The training process with a goldie is difficult as with all eagles. They are very stubborn and strong willed, there is also a lot of danger involved in the training of such a powerful predator. There is a big difference in the damage output between a Harris Hawk and a female Golden Eagle.

Most eagles are hooded when trained in falconry, this calms them down and also stops jealousy and aggression towards other birds being flown at the same time.

If trained successfully, the Golden Eagle can be a formidable hunter. An eagle will never be quite the same companion as a harris or an owl and it is best to always be on your gaurd. Eagles are very moody and emotional birds!

Seeing a golden eagle in flight is one of the most spectacular sights! Just for this fact alone and not because of the hunting, The Golden Eagle bird is one of the pinnacles of falconry. Congratulations to anyone who flies these magnificent creatures.

Thank you for reading my Golden Eagle Bird page. I hope you have found the golden eagle facts useful and have enjoyed the golden eagle photo shots kindly provided by Jannes. Please feel free to browse the rest of the site or create your own mini web page on the golden eagle below! :)