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My name is Ben Gregor-Smith. By profession I have always been a Musician, but since an early age I have always been fascinated by the art of Falconry. The feeling one gets when flying a bird of prey and watching it doing what a bird of prey does best is really a wonderful experience. It lets you access a freedom which in my opinion cannot be beaten. I have now practiced falconry for 15 years and have turned it into my second profession. Here at about-falconry based in Basel in Switzerland we offer days out with the birds so you can experience it for yourself how it is to fly a bird of prey. Also the main service we offer is pest bird control. In many places all over Switzerland and Europe crows and pidgeons are a real problem. There are so many of them (especially around cities and towns where it is easy for them to find food) and there are no effective ways of getting rid of them. There droppings cause a lot of damage and the birds themselves cause damage to buildings and are generally a nuisance.

This is where we can really help. Especially in places where the birds cannot be hunted in a traditional way... our birds of prey can scare the problem birds away. The birds of prey used to do this are Harris Hawks. These birds are used to flying together in a team and use this ability to encourage the pidgeon or crow population to move away from the area.

The birds of prey are trained to chase the crows and scare them but not necessarily to kill them. This keeps this method green and sustainable. Of course this cannot be guaranteed as the birds of prey are essentially wild animals and the Falconer cannot control every move that the bird makes.

The method works by coming and flying the birds of prey in the affected area regularly and often for a certain number of months. Of course at first the problem birds will come back. But after a while once they start to believe that the raptors live permantantly in the area. They will find a new permanent home.

If you would be interested in our pest bird control service please contact us for further details.


Peregrine Falcon Facts, The Fastest Animal On The Planet!


On this Peregrine Falcon facts page. I will discuss Peregrine Falcon Info and falcon hawk differences. I will also describe the Peregrine Falcon Call. First however, here is a fantastic Peregrine Falcon Picture...

peregrine falcon

Peregrine Falcon Info:


Bald Eagle Flying And Soaring In Glorius Beauty

The Bald Eagle Flying (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is an iconic picture and one that many people associate with the United States of America. The American Bald Eagle is a large raptor found throughout North America. It is quite a common and a hugely successful predator mainly due to it’s often scavenger and opportunistic – like tendencies. It is not a picky eater and certainly will not turn it’s beak up at fast food.


Falconry Hoods – More Essentials


Welcome to My Falconry Hoods Description page.

Hoods have been around for as long as falconry itself. They are a traditional and important part of a falconer’s toolset.

They are an integral part of the training process and are used for both calming the bird down and stopping jealousy between birds when flying more than one at a time. Raptors, (apart from Harris Hawks) are not particularly social creatures.


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