Falconry.. SO What's Your Favourite Bird Of Prey?!


Falconry.. SO What's Your Favourite Bird Of Prey?!

Falconry for me happened early one summer holiday morning in sleepy Cornwall, England...

I was 11 years old and walking along the dunes near some cliffs with my family making our last annual trip to the beach before heading back up north and suddenly spotted my first bird of prey.

I didnt know it at the time but it was a Peregrine falcon swooping seamlessly through the sky. All I knew was that it was magnificent and seemed effortless and free... from that moment on I became raptured by raptors!

Check out this Video, I love it!

What's in it for you?

My aim is to spread my enthusiasm for Birds of Prey by providing YOU with a detailed source of fascinating information.

  • Find out: Why people all over the world are flocking to the falcons! (No Pun intended) :)
  • Discover: the secrets to this art and purchase great falconry equipment.
  • Absorb: Many Bird of prey facts as well as high quality photos and videos.
  • Imagine: Hearing the ripping sound of a female peregrine falcon at the bottom of her stoop and imagine witnessing the regal power of a Golden Eagle.

All these exciting secrets will be available to you and while I do not pretend to be a proffessional falconer by any means, it is a hobby that I am very passionate about. I hope the information I provide will be useful and inspire many falconers-to-be!