Falconry Equipment - The Essentials for Falconry


Falconry Equipment - The Essentials for Falconry

Welcome to the Falconry equipment page, on here I will talk about the essentials of falconry.

The equipment, as with many sports is very important in falconry. This sport, however has the added factor of a dependant living bird of prey and so the equipment in falconry is made even more important. If you have the wrong equipment and things go wrong it is very hard to forgive yourself.

Essential falconry equipment includes;

  • Falconry Hoods these are used for calming the bird down and stopping jealousy
  • Digital weighing scales, the single most important aspect of falconry is weight control. A margin of 1 0z can make the difference between your bird coming back immediately or sitting in a tree for hours at a time or even fly off in the opposite direction...weighing scales are very important!
  • Falconry Telemetry is definitely an essential part of a falconers arsenal of tricks. Telemetry is a tracking device used for finding you bird when it has flow off...birds of prey can sometimes fly miles in a very short space of time. Finding them as quickly as possible is of course extremely important!
  • Block and bow perches (block for owls and falcons, bow for other species). Having the right perch for your raptor is another important factor to think about. If a bird of prey is perched on the wrong thing for extended periods of time it will not be comfortable and can develop foot infections like bumblefoot which can be deadly to the bird.
  • Falconers Glove...needs no introduction, a quintessential falconers tool. No glove = a lot of pain :)
  • Falconry Lure and Dummy bunny. A winged lure is used mainly for falcons. They are stooped to the lure for training and fitness purposes. A Dummy Bunny is used for buzzards, eagles and hawks and is dragged along the ground. This simulates a real hunt and engages with the birds natural instinct to hunt.
  • Mews and Field Jesses...made of leather, these straps are for securing the bird whilst either out flying or tying to the glove or tethering to perches. Another indispensible tool.
  • Leash...needed for tethering birds of prey. You do not want your bird to fly off when leaving it on the weathering on your lawn.
  • Swivel..little metal bit that..hey! swivels!!! So the leash doesn’t get tangled when the bird is tethered.
  • Knife..nuff said!
  • Bell, Bewitts, aylmeri anklets..bell alerts you to the whereabouts of your bird when out of sight..(which is often) bewitts and anklets are for attaching the jesses.

All these falconry equipment items must be bought and studiedbefore even thinking of buying a bird of prey. They must also be updated regularly, the last thing you want is some old equipment to fail when needed. Also, it sounds funny but it is amazing how many falconers lose their birds due to not changing the batteries in the telemetry regularly! Please click on the links for further information on these products.

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