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The Illusive Whiskered Screech Owl

Welcome to my Whiskered Screech Owl Page. On here we will discuss in detail this species of Scops Owl and it’s relative the Western Screech Owl.

We will also look at their habitats and breeding habits, also an important factor to this page is the diet of these little owls. I will also talk about Pet Owls and Screech Owls in Falconry.


Female Bald Eagle Sounds Vs Male Bald Eagle Call

Bald Eagle Sounds are a commonly heard thing when near water especially in Northern areas of North America. Even though the Bald Eagle range is huge and covers nearly all of North America, Canada and Alaska right down to mexico, this does not mean that it is easily recognizable for everyone.

The Bald Eagle Call is (like other Eagles such as the Golden Eagle) very surprisingly high pitched and piercing. The fish Eagles, however (such as the Bald Eagle Call) is usually longer and consists of a series of notes rather than separate Bald Eagle call.