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Harris Hawk Pics

Kyle Hornbaker (Arizona)

Female Harris Hawk, Jessica, owned by long time falconer, Matt Hankins. Photo by FastLane Photography, Kyle Hornbaker.

This was from my first experience with the beautiful sport of Falconry. My wife and I plan to start our apprenticeship within the next year, after our change in location.


Owls (How They Survive)

by Unknown


The color of a owl plays a important role in it's enviorment. It's ability to sit still and blend in with it's surroundings making the owl invisible to all it's predators. The only thing is that is not camouflaged is the eyes well only for some owls. Most owls have feathers, the colors and even the patterns of the tree bark to camouflage them while they sleep both from preadotors and also from harassment, by prey species so they can survive in the day and night.


Help With Aggresive Eagle Owl

by Gerry (USA) My Eagle Owl (3yrs) got Asper. His treatment kept him in an extra large crate for 2 months. Once he was put back in his aviary he can't be caught short of grabbing him out of the air. I haven't done it. So I'm working on gaining his trust by sitting with him and reading. But now he is showing low body aggression and coming after me !!! I live alone so I'm avoiding the situation. I don't want to do something to make this situation worse.