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The Falcon Bird Species

The Falcon Bird species is the fastest of all the raptors. This page will include perigrine falcon video footage (the fastest animal on the planet :)) and a guide to information on many falcons and their training methods in falconry.

If you want information on the hawk bird species or the owl species please follow the links. Alternatively, you could check out my eagle facts page. Falcons, in their different forms can be found all over the world and vary hugely in size, behaviour, habitat and hunting techniques..


Bald Eagle Flying And Soaring In Glorius Beauty

The Bald Eagle Flying (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is an iconic picture and one that many people associate with the United States of America. The American Bald Eagle is a large raptor found throughout North America. It is quite a common and a hugely successful predator mainly due to it’s often scavenger and opportunistic – like tendencies. It is not a picky eater and certainly will not turn it’s beak up at fast food.


Possible Golden Eagle Sightings (Michigan)

by Bryon (Imlay city, mi. USA) May possibly have seen a pair of Golden Eagles migrating through Imlay City Michigan (Michigan's 'thumb'). Also, may have seen one attack (briefly) a fawn white-tail deer about two weeks ago. We have seen Bald eagles in area occasionally, but never Goldens. First thought was a red tail hawk given the color scheme---but size was excessivly larger and especially compared to many crows that were in close proximity to birds in flight. Has anyone else reported Goldens in michigan?