Female Bald Eagle Sounds Vs Male Bald Eagle Call


Female Bald Eagle Sounds Vs Male Bald Eagle Call

Bald Eagle Sounds are a commonly heard thing when near water especially in Northern areas of North America. Even though the Bald Eagle range is huge and covers nearly all of North America, Canada and Alaska right down to mexico, this does not mean that it is easily recognizable for everyone.

The Bald Eagle Call is (like other Eagles such as the Golden Eagle) very surprisingly high pitched and piercing. The fish Eagles, however (such as the Bald Eagle Call) is usually longer and consists of a series of notes rather than separate Bald Eagle call.

The Female Bald Eagle and the Male Bald Eagle have slightly different calls. The Female Bald Eagle Sounds are generally lower in pitch to that of the male Bald Eagle call which comes out more as a hysterical sounding scream.

Both the male Bald Eagle Call and the Female Bald Eagle Call sounds not unlike a seagull but louder and more persistent.

Here are a couple of videos to show up the different Bald Eagle calls…

and here's a female bald eagle call...

Bald Eagle Range

The Bald Eagle range as stated before is very impressive. This means the range of habitat and also their range of territory. The Female Bald Eagle is usually dominant (being sexually dimorphic) and the Female Bald Eagle call is therefore necessary so as to carry huge distances.

Studies have shown that Bald Eagle noises are also used for communication between nesting pairs. The Bald Eagle Call must travel large distances over the full extent of the Bald Eagle Range of territory.

To conclude Bald Eagle noises have evolved to fit many uses. Often it is used to signal to other predators that the Pair is willing to fight to protect young eagles and their nest. It can also be used in more of an affectionate way between them...

Lastly, their calls are often used over larger distances for communication.

Eagles are known to be quite emotional as far as raptors go. Certainly more than hawks and buzzards. In fact, in my opinion and from my experience, the true hawks (accipiters) like goshawks that I have worked with seem totally devoid of emotion and feelings all together. This, I like as a goshawk to me seems like a pure savage and beautiful nature in the body of a bird. However, eagles seem to be highly intelligent and complex, wonderful creatures with a lot more personality.

I hope that this page on the Bald Eagle has been of some help or interest. If you have any stories of your own to share or some information that you can add to this page. Please type it into the box below. Otherwise please feel free to browse the rest of the site.

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